I’ve decided to migrate the canonical version of articles to a GitLab wiki. You can also get updates at my WordPress. Mostly this is to get built-in LaTeX support, without which it’s not easy to display math formulas.

Last time, we looked at exploding dice and canonical geometric dice, each of which had its problems. Our goal is to find a scheme that:

  • Allows us to control the width of our distribution.
  • Stays as close to standard dice as possible.
  • Isn’t too complicated or time-consuming to roll.

Choosing a half-life


The most famous RPG is Dungeons & Dragons, and its core mechanic is rolling 1d20, adding a modifier, and comparing it to a target number such as Armor Class (AC).

It’s often said that rolls in 5e D&D feel “swingy”, and often in a way that implies that this is…

High Dice Roller

Articles about probability in RPG design.

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